Draadloze Router AC2600 2.4/5 GHz (Dual Band) Gigabit Zwart

Draadloze Router AC2600 2.4/5 GHz (Dual Band) Gigabit Zwart

For anyone who’s experienced video streaming interruptions or online gaming lag, the Edimax Gemini RG21S is designed to ensure games and movies run smooth and fast. With the latest 11ac Wave 2 technology and a host of other features the RG21S offers enormous improvements in Wi-Fi speed, quality and reliability. Featuring AC2600 high speed Wi-Fi and MU-MIMO technology for simultaneous connections to multiple devices, as well as smart-roaming support - the Gemini RG21S brings better performance, lower latency and super dependable high-speed Wi-Fi for your movies and games.

It’s an ultra-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi router with dual-band data rates of 1733Mbps at 5GHz and 800Mbps at 2.4GHz perfect for smooth 4K streaming and lightning fast file transfers. MU-MIMO (Multiple User - Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology serves multiple devices simultaneously and is ideal for busy networks, providing better efficiency and less buffering. And with Edimax add-on roaming devices, the RG21S’s smart roaming function automatically detects and switches your device to the best available Wi-Fi signal - for a seamless Wi-Fi experience as you move around your home.

AC2600 Super High-Speed Wi-Fi
Next generation Wi-Fi router with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards and speeds of up to 800Mbps at 2.4GHz and 1733Mbps at 5GHz. Upgrade your home Wi-Fi to super high-speed 802.11ac and enjoy faster video streaming, online gaming and data transfers.

Multi-Device Efficiency
MU-MIMO (Multiple User - Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology serves multiple devices simultaneously instead of one at a time, for better performance and efficiency on networks with multiple devices. Four streams with blistering 11ac Wave 2.

Smarter Wi-Fi Roaming
A seamless connection while you move around your home without hassle of switching SSIDs (network name). Your extender and router use the same SSID for seamless roaming* that automatically switches your Wi-Fi device to the best signal. (*Use with an Edimax Gemini RE11S add-on extender for always-connected Wi-Fi.)

Flexible Concurrent Dual-Band Connectivity
Providing simultaneous 2.4GHz (802.11n) and 5GHz (802.11ac) wireless network connectivity for maximum flexibility of use and the best of both worlds.

VPN Remote Network Access for Privacy & Security
Built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) support for easy VPN access on all your devices. VPNs enable you to access secure, remote networks from anywhere and can offer privacy and security online. Log in to your work/school network remotely or avoid geoblocking, protect privacy on public Wi-Fi and bypass Internet censorship.

Home Users: Avoid regional restrictions and access geoblocked content such as Netflix or iPlayer from anywhere. Ensure your privacy and anonymity online and defeat censorship and other location-based content restrictions. You can also remotely access your home network when you’re away, and use your encrypted VPN for security when out and about using potentially unsafe public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Small Office Users: Enable your employees to access company resources remotely such as email, documents saved on the company server and any programs/systems when they are outside the office.

Guest Network
Supports a guest network to provide connectivity while isolating guests from your primary network.

Smart iQ Setup
Features iQ Setup for smart, automatic and quick installation with no CD required.




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